Braystones Beach
Lifes a Beach
Cumbria's costa del ???
Braystones Beach Situated on the west coast of England adjacent to the magnificent Lake District National Park.  The beach is home a community of less than 60 homes some of which are housed by full time residents who brave the rigours of the Irish Sea to enjoy a living that is probably unique in 21st century England. Access is by a road put in each year by the residents, parts of which will probably only survive for three months during the Summer months. Telephone Electricity and water are optional and gas is in a bottle. Springs flowing out of the cliff  behind the beach were until recent times the only water supply. Though now mains water is available it has not been taken up by all the residents. Electricity is provided by generator , solar panels and wind turbines. a few have managed to get mains electric but this is by no means the majority. It has been suggested by some that a sign saying the real world starts here should be placed at the main entrance to the beach but there will always be debate as to which side of the sign the real world starts. 
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